I just want to go on record that I think Clélie Rich is one of the best editors I have ever had the pleasure to wake at midnight to discuss a project with. Clélie, I adore you.
—Corey Van’t Haaf, Cohiba Communications
I worked with Clélie on technical editing assignments for several years,  and I was consistently impressed by the quality of her editing, her attention to detail, and her responsive, professional demeanour. She is an extremely experienced editor and it shows in every aspect of her work. I enthusiastically endorse both her skills as an editor and her reliability as a freelance contractor.
—Kelly Robson, Proposal Manager
Clélie Rich is a first rate editor—sharp, perceptive, creative, with a great eye for fine details as well as for the shape and flow of a lengthy piece. She is in addition a cheerful and generous worker with broad technical skills—a real asset in any publishing venture.
—Susan Pinkus, Wattle and Daub Books
While working as a co-editor on Room magazine, and as a writer of my own fiction, I have found Clélie to work tirelessly until a manuscript is perfect. Her abilities as a copy editor, substantive editor, and proofreader surpass those of others with whom I worked B.C. (Before Clélie). Her editing skills are matched only by her communication skills, which, if you’ve ever worked with an editor who has trouble communicating, you will appreciate no end. Working with Clélie has taught me much about both editing and writing and helped me to ensure I’m sending out my work in the best shape it could possibly be in.
—Fiona Lehn, The Last Letter, Aqueduct Press
Working with Clélie was a great experience!  Not only did she do a wonderful job editing my book, she also gave me ideas on where I could add content to enhance my reader’s experience.  I could not imagine publishing my book without her input..
—Tara Foster, Just Say Yes!, MindRight Solutions